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Paper requests

Has anyone out there pdf copies of these papers and could forward them to me?

Gunga, H.-C., Kirsch, K., Rittweger, J., Clarke, A., Albertz, J., Wiedermann, 
A., Wehr, A., Heinrich, W.-D., and Schultze, H.-P., 2002, Dimensions of 
Brachiosaurus brancai, Dicraeosaurus hansemanni and Diplodocus carnegii and 
their implications for gravitational physiology: Adaptation Biology and 
Medicine, v. 3, p. 156-169.

Salgado, L. 2003, Considerations on the bony plates assigned to titanosaurs 
(Dinosauria, Sauropoda): Amegh., 40, n. 3, p. 441-456

Taquet, P., 2006, Les Annales de Paleontologie et les Dinosaures: Annales de 
Paleontologie, v. 92, p. 175-185.

Knoll, F., and Bouveur, A., 2001, A large pterodactyloid in northern France and 
a review of French Pterosaur record: Bull. Soc. Geol. France, tomo 172, n. 4, 
p. 447-454.

Mclver, E. E., 2002, The paleoenvironment of Tyrannosaurus rex from 
southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada: Can. Jou. Earth Sci, v. 39, p. 207-221.

Schwarz, D., and Fritsch, G., 2006, Pneumatic structures in the cervical 
vertebrae of the Late Jurassic Tendaguru sauropods Brachiosaurus brancai and 
Dicraeosaurus: Eclogae geologicae Helvetiae, v. 99, p. 65-78.

Ji, Q., Ji, S.-H., Yuang, C.-X., and Ji, X.-X., 2002, Restudy of a small 
dromaeosaurid dinosaur with feathers over its entire body: Earth Science 
Frontiers (China University of Geosciences, Beijing), v.9, n. 3, p. 57-63.

Thulborn, T., 2006, On the tracks of the earliest dinosaurs: implications for 
the hypothesis of dinosaurian monophyl: Alcheringa, v. 30, p. 271-311.

many thanks in advance,


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