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Re: PDF request

Dann Pigdon writes:
 > > This is one of several threads on the DML recently that has
 > > consisted entirely of people saying "me too" to PDF requests.  It
 > > makes pretty dull reading.  I wonder whether in cases like these,
 > > all the people who want copies of the PDF could, instead, email
 > > just the original poster, who would then forward copies to all
 > > the me-too-ers when he or she obtains a copy?
 > Given the possible copyright ramifications, I'm surprised the list
 > tolerates such threads at all.

That's because we're trying to get some science done around here.

It's kind of ironic that that principal activity of publishers these
days is actively trying to _prevent_ the free dissemination of
information.  But that's a whole nother issue.

 > Speaking from personal experience, I find tracking down a reference
 > in an actual library to be much more satisfying. Plus you have the
 > option of looking up additional papers that are referenced by the
 > one you wanted (and finding an unexpected gem in the same journal
 > issue that you didn't even know existed). It's only in the case of
 > very rare or hard-to-get papers that I'd resort to begging for a
 > PDF. Certainly for such common journals as Gaia or JVP I'd head to
 > a library first...

That's great, if you don't live 133 miles away from your university
library.  And if you don't mind lugging around 7000 hardcopy papers
with you when you go to look at specimens.  And if you never need to
search within a paper.

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