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Re: PDF request

Mike Taylor wrote:
> Dann Pigdon writes:
>  > Given the possible copyright ramifications, I'm surprised the list
>  > tolerates such threads at all.
> That's because we're trying to get some science done around here.

And of course science is above the law. How would medical researchers
get anything done without breaking a few 'minor' animal welfare laws
from time to time? It's no biggy. It's in the name of science after all.

> It's kind of ironic that that principal activity of publishers these
> days is actively trying to _prevent_ the free dissemination of
> information.  

Publishers need to make a living. If they didn't, they couldn't publish.
Sending PDFs about willy-nilly is the equivalent of illegal music or
movie downloads. I'm all for online journals making their own
publications freely available after a certain amount of time, but if
someone pays for a PDF and them distributes it for free, they're
breaking the law.

Keep in mind that I personally have scanned articles and created PDFS
for other people (articles I've payed for), so I'm certainly guilty of
breaking a few 'minor' copyright laws in the past (and I'll probably do
it again). I'm just surprised that an email list would allow it. I'd
have thought it was up there with breaking emargoes or conducting Ad
Hominem attacks.

> But that's a whole other issue.



Dann Pigdon
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