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Re: PDF request

Dann Pigdon wrote:

> I agree on most of your points, but PDFs have a few important advantages
> over paper copies: lots of them together don't take up more physical space
> than a USB key or at most a laptop, and they are searchable.

Us 'oldies' seemed to manage quite well in the old days. Paper articles
are also searchable, but it requires a modicum of effort - something
that's apparently unacceptable these days. :)

I'm with David 100%. Ever tried lugging several hundred papers from one office to another, or one house to another, or even one country to another? PDF's are an absolute godsend. Carrying a trusty laptop/notebook about is much easier than carting crates of yellowing papers about for the silverfish and cockroaches to nibble on. If you really want a 'hard copy', then just print off a PDF.



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