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enough with the pdf requests

Okay, first of all I'd like to "me too" Mike Taylor's complaint about
the "me too"s (yes, I get the irony, and I wouldn't do this if I
weren't here with more to say)...  if someone asks a list for a pdf,
instead or writing to the list, you should write to the person who
made the request.  They can pay the favor forward if they get a copy.
That's much better than sending the request out to the list for
everyone else to see again and again and again...

As for the legal issues, I appreciate Jeff Hecht's stance.  We at DML
management take copyright issues seriously.  For instance, we do
discourage people from sending the full text of news articles (even
though some still do it...)  Dann has a point, though, in that we
don't sanction people for doing things like that.  Perhaps we should.
Anyone wanting to comment on that, please write to me and/or Mary
rather than the list.

Now, imagine you want a pdf copy of a paper that would be hard for you
to get...  how might you go about it...  here's an idea...  you can
ask the author of the paper if there is such a file available.  It
turns out that George Mustoe was not hard to find.  I wrote to him and
asked about the coevolution of dinosaurs and cycads paper.  Please
write to me if you would like to know what he said.

Mickey P. Rowe     (mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu)