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Re: enough with the pdf requests

aren't short statements like "god thank you . I was considering getting out" 
also filling up people's inboxes? couldn;t you ahve just sent that to mickey 
Fieldwork  pictures NM 2002-4 & China 06:

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god thank you . I was considering getting out , too many emails with no info , 
no offense to anyone ,
---- "Mickey Rowe;893-2446" <mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu> wrote: 
> Okay, first of all I'd like to "me too" Mike Taylor's complaint about
> the "me too"s (yes, I get the irony, and I wouldn't do this if I
> weren't here with more to say)...  if someone asks a list for a pdf,
> instead or writing to the list, you should write to the person who
> made the request.  They can pay the favor forward if they get a copy.
> That's much better than sending the request out to the list for
> everyone else to see again and again and again...
> As for the legal issues, I appreciate Jeff Hecht's stance.  We at DML
> management take copyright issues seriously.  For instance, we do
> discourage people from sending the full text of news articles (even
> though some still do it...)  Dann has a point, though, in that we
> don't sanction people for doing things like that.  Perhaps we should.
> Anyone wanting to comment on that, please write to me and/or Mary
> rather than the list.
> Now, imagine you want a pdf copy of a paper that would be hard for you
> to get...  how might you go about it...  here's an idea...  you can
> ask the author of the paper if there is such a file available.  It
> turns out that George Mustoe was not hard to find.  I wrote to him and
> asked about the coevolution of dinosaurs and cycads paper.  Please
> write to me if you would like to know what he said.
> -- 
> Mickey P. Rowe     (mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu)

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