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Re: enough with the pdf requests

I hope I don't get sent to the corner for saying this, but I'm feeling spammed by all teh enough with the pdf requests mail - and I don't feel spammed easily. I delete a thousand e-mails a day that I don't want to read. This is annoying. If you don't want to receive mail that you don't personally find necessary, why are you generating more of it? Besides, alot of people, including me, don't just have quick access to the nearest university library and sometimes have to ask for pdf's.

I honestly thought probably the pdf requests WERE spam, and deleted them unopened, just like mail that contains unexpected pdf's. Mail from the dinosaur list doesn't show up in my mailbox labelled as such. I thought these might be viruses, and in any case unlikely I'd have the pdf's.

There is nothing wrong with genuine requests for copies of articles. Sometimes that's the only way one can find them. If requests tend to be for obscure articles from a long time ago, that's why they need to request them. Someoen would most likely have to scan such an article and convert it to pdf or image format.

I do have a solution. Set a filter to send all mail that has the word pdf or pdf's in the subject line to the trash folder. It's not like the people objecting to posts about pdf's are likely to want any pdf's that might come in, right? I won't be setting such a filter; I'm sometimes obliged to request pdf's.

But it's always good to know where to look for them - strictly as a reseach resource. By the way, in addition to whatever online personal collections might exist in particular fields, Google scholar (scholar.google.com) is good at finding publicly available copies of articles.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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For those interested, there's a "file exchange" subforum over at
www.dinoforum.nl (among various other online avenues) where members
regularly trade pdfs. Perhaps requests could be addressed there? I've
also grown tired of the barrage of pdf requests lately (especially
when they're from some obscure journal from the early 1900's).


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