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Re: enough with the pdf requests

On 8/18/07, Dora Smith <villandra@austin.rr.com> wrote:
> I hope I don't get sent to the corner for saying this, but I'm feeling
> spammed by all teh enough with the pdf requests mail - and I don't feel
> spammed easily.   I delete a thousand e-mails a day that I don't want to
> read.  This is annoying.   If you don't want to receive mail that you don't
> personally find necessary, why are you generating more of it?    Besides,
> alot of people, including me, don't just have quick access to the nearest
> university library and sometimes have to ask for pdf's.
Strange, I hope you're not referring to list traffic, because there
have hardly been a thousand e-mails a day related to such requests.

I don't understand the rest of your post though in context of response
to others. Who were you trying to reply to?