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RE: Planet of the New Papers

Maybe I didn't phrase it that well - but what is the only language
Argentinean, Brazilian, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish and
Mexican scientists are all going to be able to use to communicate with each

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Ruben Guzman writes:
 > I want to thank Sarah for helping reivindicate the
 > value of the research of us
 > non-native-English-speaking paleontologists on the
 > list.
 > I want to believe that most of our American or British
 > colleagues consider our work as important and
 > worthwhile even if it is not published in English, and
 > not simple neglect what you call "scientific efforts"
 > of hundreds of (e. g.) Argentinian, Brazilian,
 > Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Mexican
 > scientists. To mention a very well-known example, The
 > Polyglot Paleontologist carries out a lot of
 > translations of key papers written in other languages
 > into English, which indicates (at least to me) that
 > there is a growing interest in them...
 > Best regards,
 > Ruben Guzman.
 > Mexico. 

Oh, Gosh, Ruben -- I do hope you didn't get the impression that anyone
here thiks that non-English-language papers are unimportant!  On the
contrary: it's precisely because so much important work _is_ published
in non-English languages that this English-speaking group is so
frustrated :-)

(Speaking only for myself, I've spent a fair bit of my own money on
translations, and successfully solicited smaller contributions from
several other people.)

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