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Re: Planet of the New Papers

I think your computer is really "strange" :-) Tyrannosaurus rex is still Tyrannosaurus rex in French. It is sometimes spelled "tyrannosaure" for non-scientist audience but it's rare now.

Regards from a non-native English-speaker ;-)
Pascaline Lauters

From: Jeff Hecht <jeff@jeffhecht.com>
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Subject: Re: Planet of the New Papers
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 22:15:39 -0400

At 1:06 AM +0000 8/21/07, Anthony Docimo wrote:

>*Tyrannosaurus rex* is *Tyrannosaurus rex* in English and Chinese.
>...and undoubtedly in Xhosa and Khmer too. ;)
But in French it comes out "Rex de Tyrannosaurus", according to my computer. And I really wonder what it would look like if transliterated into Chinese characters.
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