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RE: Planet of the New Papers

There are, I believe, a number of Chinese languages with Mandarin the most
used and this is undoubtedly the most used native language, but I think you
will find that English is probably the most used language globally because
all educated people in India speak English (that's about 800 million), which
is why so many jobs are going there from the UK and US.

The reason for this is India has about 15 local languages so if someone in
one part of India wants to speak to someone in another part of India they
have to use English.  Yes it is a hangover of the colonial past (as is its
use in the US) but the global use of English is but an extension of what
happened in India.

English is also the international language of the air and sea.  It is also
the language that any scientists from different parts of the world are most
likely to have in common.

We didn't make the world but we all have to live with it.  

Finally, English is the language used by participants in the DML.  QED.