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RE: Planet of the New Papers

It's also the language used in international football.  (By football
of course I mean Association Football or what Americans call soccer.
I assume there _are_ no international matches in American "Football"
since no-one outside of the USA plays it.)

john hunt writes:
 > There are, I believe, a number of Chinese languages with Mandarin the most
 > used and this is undoubtedly the most used native language, but I think you
 > will find that English is probably the most used language globally because
 > all educated people in India speak English (that's about 800 million), which
 > is why so many jobs are going there from the UK and US.
 > The reason for this is India has about 15 local languages so if someone in
 > one part of India wants to speak to someone in another part of India they
 > have to use English.  Yes it is a hangover of the colonial past (as is its
 > use in the US) but the global use of English is but an extension of what
 > happened in India.
 > English is also the international language of the air and sea.  It is also
 > the language that any scientists from different parts of the world are most
 > likely to have in common.
 > We didn't make the world but we all have to live with it.  
 > Finally, English is the language used by participants in the DML.  QED.