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Re: Planet of the New Papers

Michael Mortimer writes:
 > With increasing digitization of scientific papers, and increasing
 > technological power, I doubt this language thing will be an issue
 > in ten years.  No doubt translation software will improve enough by
 > then to make it inconsequential what language anything was
 > originally written in.  Such software may even make a global
 > language unnecessary if it's integrated properly.

*cough* *splutter*

Mickey: here, in this public forum, I bet you $100 to $1000 that
translation software is still pants in ten years' time.  (I make that
predication based on the fact that roughly no progress has been made
in the last ten.)  Even if the technical problems were solved, I don't
see anyone in the next ten years building the knowledge base necessary
to translate Janensch's high technical papers from their obsolete
dialect of High German.

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