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Re: Speedy T. rex press release (in Samoan)

And if it comes up with a good explanation for why it finds
*Compsognathus* to be faster than ostriches. Is it at all possible
to run that fast with legs that are that short in absolute terms? ~:-|

And then I read the ABC article which fortunately gives speeds in km/h. The calculated speed of the ostrich was smaller than I had thought. 60 km/h for *Compsognathus* ought to be imaginable... AFAIK the faster breeds of dogs reach that, too.

If I may sneak that in here... no language recognition is needed to display Nick's Japanese sentences in hiragana. You only need a program that displays e-mails in the encoding in which they come. If it doesn't do that automatically (...as modern web browsers and e-mail programs do, if I may say so), burrow through the "View" menu.