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RE: Clastic or Carbonate

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> If push comes to shove, though, take clastics if you are 
> interested in dinosaurs, other terrestrial vertebrates, and 
> land plants; and carbonates if you are interested in anything else.
> I second Tom's recommendation, albeit with a minor proviso:  
> If per chance you are interested in dinosaur footprints, 
> carbonates might well be of interest.  A lot of very 
> important tracksites are in limestones, and knowing something 
> about said carbonates might be useful in interpreting what 
> the beasts might have been doing as they stomped around on 
> the mudflats.
Good point!!

Plus, you have a better chance of a really nice field trip if your
carbonates course has a "modern depositional environments" component. (e.g.,
the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, etc.) Okay, so you'd have to
poke around in smelly mangrove swamps, but you'd also get to snorkle.

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