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Did oviraptorosaurs (Dinosauria; Theropoda) inhabit Argentina?

I don't know if we had this already, but:

Did oviraptorosaurs (Dinosauria; Theropoda) inhabit
Cretaceous Research, upcoming article


In this contribution a putative oviraptorosaurian
cervical vertebra discovered in the
Campanian-Maastrichtian El Brete Formation from Salta
Province, NW Argentina is analysed. Based on the
resemblances of this vertebra with those of the basal
neoceratosaurian Elaphrosaurus and with the noasaurid
Noasaurus, the Salta specimen is interpreted to belong
to the third or fourth cervical vertebra of a
Noasauridae (eventually Noasaurus). Furthermore, it is
suggested that the supposed anterior cervical
vertebrae of Masiakasaurus, Laevisuchus and Noasaurus
possibly correspond to a more posterior position than
previously considered. Contrary to abelisaurids, the
morphology of the anterior cervical vertebrae of
noasaurids indicates that they probably were long neck
theropods resembling ornithomimid coelurosaurs.
Therefore, the occurrence of oviraptorosaurs in
Argentina is rejected.

BTW Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
has a batch of papers coming up soon that deal with
ecological condition around the K-Pg boundary.



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