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Help please, with pdfs of two papers

Dear list,

there are three papers, which I need and which I cannot get elsewhere. These 

Buffetaut, E., and Mazin, J.-M., 2003, Evolution and palaeobiology of 
pterosaurs: Geol. Soc. Spec. Pub., n. 217: 1-3.

Wellnhofer, 2003 A Late Triassic pterosaur from the Northern Calcareous Alps 
(Tyrol, Austria): Geol. Soc. Spec. Pub. 217: 5-22 

Dong, Z.-M., Sun, Y.-W., and Wu, S.-Y., 2003, On a new pterosaur from the Lower 
Cretaceous of Chaoyang basin, western Liaoning, China: Global Geology, v. 22, 
n. 1, 1-7.

If someone could send them to me, I'd be very grateful. Also, if someone else 
wants a copy of the papers (in case I should get them), please write to me 
offlist (not over the list!!!) and I will forward them to you.

Thanks in advance,


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