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Cretaceous PDF's request

Dear list,

I'm looking for this three papers, but I can't find it, if someone can
send me PDF,I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance,

Josep Fortuny

RICHTER, A. (1991): A new species of Ilerdaesaurus and other lizards
from UÃa, Spain (Lower Cretaceous).- Fifth Symposium on Mesozoic
terrestrial Ecosystems and Biota, Oslo 1991, extended Abstracts,
Contributions from the
paleontological Museum University of Oslo 364: 55-56.

RICHTER, A. (1994a): Der problematische Lacertilier Ilerdaesaurus
(Reptilia, Squamata) aus der Unter-Kreide von UÃa und Galve
(Spanien).- Berliner
geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen E 13: 135-161.

RICHTER, A. (1994b): Lacertilia aus der Unteren Kreide von UÃa und
Galve (Spanien) und Anoual (Marokko).- Berliner geowissenschaftliche
Abhandlungen E 14: 1-147.

> If someone could send them to me, I'd be very grateful. Also, if someone else 
> wants a copy of the papers (in case I should get them), please write to me 
> offlist (not over the list!!!) and I will forward them to you.
> Thanks in advance,
> cheers,
> Michael
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