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Re: PDF request

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007, K and T Dykes wrote:
<<But anyone can go to a library and make a photo-copy for their own use
(fair use).>>

I'm a bit late (holidays), but that's not actually always the case, Frank.
Some libraries don't allow photocopying of papers on the grounds, I suppose,
of possible infringement of copryright.  Whatever the reason might actually
be, not all allow it.  Out of the kindness of their heart, a student tried
to photocopy a paper from their university library for me.  Their
straightforward request was met with shocked eyebrows and a shaking head
from the librarian, even after the addition of a pretty please.  They were
sent to the corner of the room and instructed to take notes.

Ever so kindly, they did just that and sent those instead.

Hmmm. Haven't heard of this at our university library. If you can check out material, you can take it somewhere else to copy. Plus, there's also
portable handheld scanners. Seems like all they're accomplishing is
eliminating any direct liability.