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Re: Dakota the Dinosaur Mummy

I suspect this is an embargo break of a story the National Geographic Society 
has embargoed until closer to the time the television show airs. News Agencies 
may distribute the news earlier, but papers are supposed to honor the 

At 2:37 PM -0500 12/2/07, MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:
>Strange that this story should appear first in the UAE  papers:
>"Dinosaur mymmy (sic) had scales, can outrun T. rex
>(AP)   2 December 2007"
>"WASHINGTON - One of the most complete dinosaur mummies ever  found is 
>revealing secrets locked away for millions of years, bringing  researchers as 
>as they will ever get to touching a live dinosaur."
>"The fossilized duckbilled hadrosaur is so well preserved that  scientists 
>have been able to calculate its muscle mass and learn that it was  more 
>than thought, probably giving it the ability to outrun predators  such as a 
>tyrannosaurus rex."

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