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Salt Lake Tribune: Fossilized footprints will be preserved...


The Thumb
Tribune Editorial
Article Last Updated: 12/01/2007 01:07:30 PM MST

Dino-mite: All-terrain vehicles will no longer rip and tear where dinosaurs
once trod. Fossilized footprints, laid down by six species of dinosaurs
about 190 million years ago, will be preserved at a popular off-road riding
area near Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Kane County. The site, about
the size of a football field, was discovered and reported by hunters about
three weeks ago. It is located on federal Bureau of Land Management
property, and contains thousands of prehistoric footprints. BLM officials,
in cooperation and consultation with Kane County's natural resources
committee and area ATV clubs, have wisely agreed to preserve the area. A
fence will be installed, along with interpretive signs and displays.

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