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Dakota the Dinosaur Mummy

Delurking for a moment.

None of the posted links seem to work for me so speaking from only the posts so far......

Notable indeed!

How does a "big ass" translate into the animal moved more quickly? Besides, filling a skin capsule could be with fat or fat marbling muscle instead of pure muscle. Iguanas et al use their hind ends/ tails to store fat for instance. I ask, is there a likely possibility other than the obvious inverse relationship that one would expect (that adding mass decreases speed)? Having a "big ass" certainly could lower the center of gravity but that doesn't make a Ferrari out of a LandCruiser. The biggest horses are not the fastest ones by any means. That is why the Clydesdales pull beer wagons and don't go out jogging at the race track every day. I'll place my wager on the T-rex (assuming they were hunters and not just overgrown vultures) against the "fat ass" (ed) hadrosaur any day and take odds on the bet.

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<I suspect this is an embargo break of a story the National Geographic
Society has embargoed until closer to the time the television show airs. News
Agencies may distribute the news earlier, but papers are supposed to honor the
embargoes. >

Possibly--there's more of the story on the National Geographic website:
http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/dinosaurs/scanning-a-dino-mummy .

Notable quote:
"Based on the dimensions of Dakota’s skin capsule, paleontologists have
calculated that the duckbill’s posterior was 25 percent more massive than
expected. Manning puts it a bit crudely: 'This animal had a big ass.' "


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