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Re: dracrorex and National Geographic

Jerry D. Harris writes:
 >     Plus, as Tom said, it was an _abstract_, not a published paper
 > (although, like Tom, I think argument is an interesting and good
 > one!).  I myself am very curious about what function the
 > supratemporal fenestrae served in juveniles that could afford to be
 > lost in adults, which would be the case if _Dracorex_ really is a
 > juvenile _Pachycephalosaurus_.  I'm also curious about whether
 > Horner et al. discussed sexual dimorphism as a possibility for
 > _Pachycephalosaurus_ and _Stygiomoloch_.

As I recall that talk, it made it pretty convincing case that
Dracrorex and Stygiomoloch are juveniles, but didn't lay out case that
what they're juveniles _of_ is Pachycephalosaurus.  So it's still
possible that the Dracrorex holotype is a juvenile Dracrorex.  And of
course, unlike the Triceratops study that this alluded to, we're
dealing with some very small sample sizes here.

Denver Fowler writes:
 > The [SVP 2007 abstracts] PDF is text-searchable, but it was
 > specifically copy protected so that noone could copy and paste the
 > abstracts, nor can you extract the pages etc.. you can't edit the
 > doc at all unless you know the password. It is rather annoying. You
 > can screen grab the document, then open that as a new file and OCR
 > that, but it all seems like alot of unnecessary effort.

I run Linux, where the default PDF viewer is a thing called xpdf.  It
lets me copy and paste from the abstracts volume with no problems.
(It's also about a hundred times faster to start up than Acrobat

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