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Dinosaur mummies

Good day,
I've a few questions regarding "Dakota". 
1.) How many hadrosaur mummies were already discovered including this one? I 
guess it's 5. And what can possibly explain that all these exclusively 
preserved specimens are only hadrosaurids?

2.) Is"Dakota" better preserved than "Leonardo"? Is it more unique in terms of 
preserved soft tissue, fossilized skin etc.? Which dinosaur skeleton is 
preserved the most (in percents)? "Sue" is complete from about 90% IIRC. Some 
Liaoning "theropods" could beat it, though.

3.) What species "Dakota" represent? Given the age of 67 mya I suppose 
Anatotitan or Edmontosaurus? This info is nowhere to be found.

Thank you in advance, Vlad