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RE: Dinosaur Encyclopaedia - new version

I can thoroughly recommend this, especially for anybody who wants to keep track 
of all and sundry dinosaur taxa, and the known material assigned to each of 
them.  With dino species and genera being described at a frightening rate, I've 
found Graeme's Dinosaur Encyclopaedia to be a very useful tool indeed.



> Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 15:52:58 +0800
> From: gkw@amnet.net.au
> Subject: Dinosaur Encyclopaedia - new version
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Just a quick note to announce the release of V11 of the Dinosaur
> Encyclopaedia software program.
> It runs on all operating systems (Win, Mac, Unix).
> The program contains information on all known genera of dinosaurs and
> Mesozoic birds up to the end of November this year, and currently contains
> 1147 genera, more than 2220 species, and over 24,150 individual specimens
> listed with catalogue number, description, location and map reference. 278
> illustrations are included (129 in colour). In addition there is an essay
> section with up-to-date coverage of such topics as dinosaurs and birds,
> extinction, classification, geological periods, dinosaurs from different
> regions, endothermy etc, and extra sections on dinosaur fossil locations
> (with taxa lists that include all other vertebrates), dinosaur clades,
> footprint and egg taxa, and lists of dinosaurs by time period, size and
> country. Each section, including the individual dinosaur entries, has a
> list of references (total currently more than 3700).
> The program is easy to navigate with bookmarks, hypertext links, index and
> list of names, and is arranged so that information at the appropriate level
> is easily available either to someone with a general interest, or the
> enthusiast who wants a lot of detail.
> To download a demo version go to
> http://home.amnet.net.au/%7Egkw/dino/demo.html
> For further information please contact me off-list.
> If there are any current users on this list who have not received upgrade
> notification, please contact me, as a number of supposedly current emails
> failed.
> thanks
> Graeme Worth

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