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RE: Translation of swedish site


Didn't notice your translation...
Sorry about that... ;(

--Mikko Haaramo

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> > I though babelfish had a Swedish option
> I translated it for Vincent, I guess I might just as well post it to
> the list too for anyone interested:
> New Dinosaur Found on Svalbard
> Oslo. A group of Norwegian paleontologists, that is scientists who
> work with extinct plants and animals, have found the remains of yet
> another primeval monster under the granite mountaints of Svalbard.
> This summer a pliosaurus, a carnivorous marine reptile with an almost
> two meter long head, was excavated below the KnorringfjÃllet [a
> mountain] and now another lizard of the same type has been found only
> a kilometer away. An even bigger find, also a pliosaurus, was
> discovered by a similar expedition last year.
> The scientist JÃrn H Hurum is enthusiastic because it is believed to
> be a pliosaurus species not previously described.
> Pliosaurus is considered the greatest carnivore that ever lived. It
> was a crocodile-like monster big as a long-distance bus and with long
> fangs that would make any alligator jealous. The animal lived in the
> water and fed on ichthyosaurs and pterosaurs.
> - This is big, very big, Hurum says to the newspaper Bergens Tidende.
> He adds that the warmer climate has made it easier to dig out this
> kind of finds.
> Now the bone pieces that have been found shall be put together and
> towards the spring the find will be presented at a press conference.
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