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RE: The New Papers Before Christmas

I wrote:

> According to Agnolin, yes. _Brontornis_ is regarded as a basal anseriform, 
> along with dromornithids and _Diatryma_. _Diatryma_, _Brontornis_ and 
> Dromornithidae come out as successive outgroups between Galliformes and 
> Anseres. Phorusrhacids are even more basal, outside Galloanseres.

Actually, phorusrhacids aren't 'even more basal' - they just lie outside the 
Galloanseres (which is what I meant to say).  But it is striking how many 
large, heavy and/or flightless birds end up at or near the base of the 
Neornithes.  Maybe other large enigmatic birds will turn up here once they are 
better known - like _Eremopezus_ or _Stromeria_.



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