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RE: Greg Paul's new (or newly named) iguanodonts

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> Tom Holtz wrote:
> > The original work of Gauthier, Clark & Benton, Parrish, & 
> colleagues 
> > back in the 1980s was really to sort out this mess, and 
> resolve that 
> > classic archosaurs fell into three clusters: dinosaurs, pterosaurs, 
> > and their kin; primitive guys (the traditional "proterosuchians" as 
> > well as Euparkeria and Proterochampsidae); and the 
> croc-ankle cluster.
> There was a fourth category (not so much a 'cluster'), which 
> might  be called "WTF".  Things like _Longisquama_ and 
> _Sharovipteryx_ (_Podopteryx_) ended up here.  :-)

But that really only existed in the "anti-dinosaurian origin of birds"
community (okay, and the Russians). It wasn't part of the normal discourse
of Thecodontia.

> > And really: those who have argued for a "thecodont" origin 
> since the 
> > 1970s (Tarsitano, Martin, etc.) argued for relationships 
> with animals 
> > that thecodont workers (Charig, Parrish, Chatterjee) would not 
> > consider thecodonts at all!!
> Except for maybe _Scleromochlus_ (which has popped up as a 
> prospective'pro-avian' once or twice).  But yes, I know 
> exactly what you mean.  

Okay, and _Lagosuchus_. But really, once you start arguing for origins
within Ornithodira, you really aren't terribly far off of the dinosaurian
origin hypothesis... :-)

> > (This is opposed to the Heilmann model, which did derive 
> birds out of 
> > Euparkeria-like forms).
> I think he might have put _Ornithosuchus_ there too.  Not 
> 100% sure though.

Yes, indeed.

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