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Romerograms Re: Greg Paul's new (or newly named) iguanodonts

On Fri, 7 Dec 2007, David Marjanovic wrote:
Considering avicephalans "thecodonts" was made possible by the absence of tree-thinking. In precladistic times, all but maybe the real specialists on any group didn't imagine a group as a twig, they imagined it as a blob on a romerogram. Such blobs lack internal structure; the fact that no avicephalan fits into the "thecodont" tree didn't matter because people simply didn't think of it. At best, blobs on a romerogram consist of more blobs with stippled lines between them; adding one more little blob for *Megalancosaurus*, supported on a stippled line that originates from a free-floating question mark, is no big affair (if only you believe that *Megalancosaurus* has The Defining Feature, the antorbital fenestra).

Ok, I had to look up romerograms. Found like TWO hits on google.


Figure I.10

A link on the other reference was of a histogram of evolution

"The Histomap of Evolution is a poster from my collection, by John B. Sparks, published by Rand McNally & Company in 1932. Measuring 57cm x 1.5 meters (21.5 x 59 inches), it was a graphical representation of the history of the earth, drawn on a logarithmic scale, covering a period of 10 billion years"

An 8 mb graphic. Absolutely fascinating.


"Each fundamental Group or phylum is represented by a differently colored strip...The horizontal width of any strip at any time suggests in a general way the relative importance of that type at that time"