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RE: Paleontologist featured in the Washington Post

> From: owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu [mailto:owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu] 
> On Behalf Of Richard W. Travsky
> Pretty wild vest you're wearing in that picture.
> Care to elaborate?   ;)

The vest was a creation by the then-fiancee of dinosaur sculptor Paul Sorton
(http://www.dinoart.com/pages/sorton.html). She made about 3 vests with
pockets, 3 without, a couple of Hawaiian shirts, a tie or two, and then got
fed up with the fabric and swore to use it again!

Mike Brett-Surman has one of these vests; Ralph Chapman (?and Bob Walters?)
have the shirts; and I don't know who all else has part of this limited

A side note: I had taken to wearing this vest at SVP auctions (search
through the photos at dinochick.com to verify this...), to the point that
when I didn't bring it with me one year people noticed and complained!

Another side note: there was a least one independent origin of said vests,
as Brent Breithaupt has one using the same fabric but created by a different

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