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RE: The iguanodont paper

Mike Keesey wrote:

> Actually, the apomorphy is "wings used for powered flight" -- so it's
> both. 

It's a tough gig trying to apply that particular definition to the fossil 

Apomorphy-based clade definitions are problematic enough... but having 
definitions based on interpretations of behavior seems to be buying trouble.

> The clade of winged dinosaurs is _Aviremigia_. (For example,
> oviraptorosaurs are probably non-avialan aviremigians.)

I just re-read the Gauthier and de Queiroz paper that came up with Aviremigia, 
Avipinna, etc.  I don't these these particular apomorohy-based clades were 
actually formally erected and defined, just proposed as prospective clades.  As 
for Aviremigia, the (proposed) definition refers to the presence of remiges and 
rectrices on the forelimbs and tail.


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