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Re: The iguanodont paper

> Mike Keesey wrote:
> > I guarantee that for every interesting paraphyletic
> > group you can
> > think of, I can name a dozen uninteresting ones.
> > Here's five for
> > starters:
> > - non-zorapteran bilaterians
> > - non-zorapteran, non-canine opisthokonts
> > - non-zorapteran, non-canine, non-testudine eumetazoans
> > - non-dinosaurian eukaryotes
> > - all eutherians except for Marilyn Monroe

KandT Dykes wrote:
> My wife's a eutherian, much more interesting than this other specimen you 
> mention, and alive.

I didn't mean that the *constituents* of those groups are
uninteresting, just that the groups themselves are. Surely you would
agree for a group that lumps your wife in with naked mole rats,
shrews, little yappy dogs, and Pat Robertson, yet somehow excludes
Marilyn Monroe.

evelyn sobielski wrote:
> Of course you can define an almost arbitrarily high
> number of symplesiomorphic groups. I only considered
> those that have been around as taxonomic entities.

Ah, you may have a point, then.

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