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New Juravenator paper

To all compsognathids fan,

I've seen that it's out the new paper on Juravenator, the problem (for me) is that it's in German...:

-Gohlich, U. B., Tischlinger, H. & Chiappe, Luis M., 2006. Juravenator starki (Reptilia, Theropoda), ein neuer Raubdinosaurier aus dem Oberjura der Sudlichen Frankenalb (Suddeutschland): Skelettanatomie und Weichteilbefunde [Juravenator starki (Reptilia), a new theropod dinosaur from the Southern Franconian Alb (Southern Germany): skeletal anatomy and soft tissue]. Archaeopteryx Jahreszeitschrift der Freunde des Jura-Museum Eichstatt, 24: 1-26. (Note that, for what I know, even if the date reported in the Journal is 2006, it is out now... but I'm not sure).

Abstract in English: We present an anatomical description, photographic documentation, basic metrical data, and osteological comparision of the small-sized theropod dinosaur Juravenator starki from the Upper Jurassic of the Franconian Alb. Although discovered in 1998, the exquisite skeleton of this dinosaur, the second known theropod from the Franconian Alb after the famed Compsognathus, remained under preparation for several years. The systematic position of Juravenator, its relationship to other theropods, and its enviromental and taphonomical contexts are also briefly discussed. The most recent investigations of the soft tissue of the fossil under UV light are presented and interpreted.

For what I know, of this journal are not available the pdf.