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Need help with sauropodomorph pdfs

Dear list,

I'd be grateful if someone could provide me pdfs of these three sauropodomorph 

Fedak, T. J. & Galton, P. M. 2007, New information on the braincase and skull 
of Anchisaurus polyzelus (Lower Jurassic, Connecticut, USA; Suarischia: 
Sauropodomorpha): Implications for Sauropodomorph systematics: Special Papers 
in Palaeontology, v. 77, p. 245-260. 

Yates, A. M., 2007, The first complete skull of the Triassic dinosaur 
Melanorosaurus Haughton (Sauropodomorpha: Anchisauria): Special Papers in 
Palaeontology, v. 77, p. 9-55. 

Kutty, T. S., Chatterjee, S., Galton, P. M., and Upchurch, P., 2007, Basal 
sauropodomorphs (Dinosauria: Saurischia) from the Lower Jurassic of India: 
Their anatomy and relationships: Journal of Paleontology, v. 81, n. 6, p. 

Many thanks in advance,

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