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Tupandactylus imperator, new combination

This paper hasn't been mentioned yet, Tapejara
imperator was given a new generic name.

Kellner, A.W.A,& Campos, D.A, 2007. Short note on the
ingroup relationships of the Tapejaridae (Pterosauria,
Pterodactyloidea). Boletim do Museu Nacional 75, Nova
Série, Geologia, Outubro 2007,1-14.

ABSTRACT: The systematic status of some species of the
clade Tapejaridae (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea) from
the Romualdo and Crato members of the Lower Cretaceous
Santana Formation (Araripe Basin) are reviewed.
Several anatomical features, particularly on the
region and on the cranial crest, indicate the presence
of four species in the Romualdo Member: Tapejara
wellnhoferi, Tupuxuara longicristatus, Tupuxuara
leonardii and Thalassodromeus sethi.One of the two
species reported from the Crato Member, previously
classified in the genus Tapejara, is relocated to a
new genus, Tupandactylus imperator. The second
species, ?Tapejara navigans? is very similar to the
previous one and possibly represents the same taxon. A
subdivision of the Tapejaridae into the clades
Tapejarinae and Thalassodrominae is proposed here.

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