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Re: Why did small dinos become extinct?

That is a rather simple hypothesis, which doesn't
explain more than it does. It's more likely that there
were (and I hate this term, it makes me think of GCSE
humanities exam questions) a number of factors
involved in the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs,
which I'm sure some of our colleagues who work at that
end of the Cretaceous can tell us about!

And it wasn't just dinosaurs, nobody ever thinks of
the forams!

Simon M. Clabby

--- Philip Chalmers <philipchalmers@blueyonder.co.uk>

> I'm rather disappointed at the lack of response to
> my original question 
> - is there a decent explanation for the extinction
> of small non-flying 
> predatory dinosaurs (including those which are
> regarded by some as 
> secondarily flightless birds)? The  "standard
> theory" of the K-T 
> extinction is that a catastrophe killed off
> vegetation, the herbivores 
> starved and so the carnivores starved. But one would
> expect that small 
> non-flying predatory dinosaurs could have survived
> by preying on 
> lizards, invertebrates, mammals, etc. which survived
> the K-T extinction.
> David Marjanovic wrote:
> >>> As far as we currently know, there were no
> burrowing
> >>> predatory dinosaurs ever.
> >>
> >> Recently reported:
> >
> > No. This is yet another report of *Oryctodromeus*.
> >
> >
> >
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