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Re: Why did small dinos become extinct?

I have wondered why tehre was not a mass exctinction to go with the really
hot period at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary.

Probably because most of the world already was a tropical paradise, and because most or all that could have died out had already died out 10 Ma earlier.

What went extinct then?

Lots of benthic foraminifera and a few plants, AFAIK.

Also, were there not fairly good sized carnivorous feathered dinos, aka
toothed predator birds, running around atleast until then?

Not one of them had teeth (the youngest known bird tooth comes from the Maastrichtian of Maastricht in the Netherlands); it appears that, with the exception of the phorusrhacids, they weren't predators (at least most of the time); and they all continued into later times.