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RE: New Royal Ontario Museum Dino Exhibit Opens...

There was a sneak peek at some of the new mounts at the Feathered Dinosaur 
exhibit.  I am looking forward to it
immensely.  I can't wait to be able to get to a museum with a sauropod 
(Barosaurus no less) without having to pack an
overnight bag.  My son has been chomping at the bit for this almost as much as 
Christmas (and he's four).  I am taking
the digital camera and both chips for a total of about 600 possible pictures.  
I may have to phone a divorce lawyer
afterwards, but it will be worth it.  (In all honesty, my wife just rolls her 
eyes and does her best not to talk to me
in a patronising voice.  Many years ago, a professor of mine actually asked who 
the bored lady was in most of my
dinosaur pictures - many from Pittsburgh's SVP in '94, so she knows what I am 
like.)  I am not going to get to the
exhibit this weekend, but I will post when there are pictures available to 
interested parties.

Darryl Jones  <dinoguy@sympatico.ca>

For information on tyrannosaurids and
cool activities and information for kids,
visit my web page at:


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