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Tupandactylus imperator, new combination

Mark Van Tomme writes:
 > This paper hasn't been mentioned yet, Tapejara
 > imperator was given a new generic name.
 > Kellner, A.W.A,& Campos, D.A, 2007. Short note on the
 > ingroup relationships of the Tapejaridae (Pterosauria,
 > Pterodactyloidea). Boletim do Museu Nacional 75, Nova
 > Série, Geologia, Outubro 2007,1-14.

... which seems a surprising thing to do as Martill and Naish had
signalled their intent to do just this in their 2006 paper:

        Martill, David M., and Darren Naish.  2006.  Cranial
        crest development in the azhdarchoid pterosaur
        _Tupuxuara_, with a review of the genus and tapejarid
        monophyly.  Palaeontology 49 (4): 925-941.


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