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New JVP: a holiday treat

But let's get this right off the bat: no pdfs are available yet. Wait for
the PDFs...

Just came in the mail, JVP 27(4), containing:

Chris Bennett's long-awaited pteriod articulation and function paper

Functional morphology of the spinosaurs by Rayfield, Milner, Xuan & Young

_Carcharodontosaurus iguidiensis_ n. sp. by Brusatte & Sereno (maxilla,
braincase, lacrimal, dentary, cervical centrum)

_Velafrons coahuilensis_ n. gen. et sp., a Mexican lambeosaurine (whose name
was accidentally shown at SVP this year, but I kept my trap shut on this
list... :-). Gates, Sampson, de Jesus, Zanno, Eberth, Hernandez-Rivera,
Martinez & Kirkland are the authors. A subadult skull ofrom the Campanian: a
helmet-crested form like _Corythosaurus_, _Lambeosaurus_, etc.

Vullo, Neraudeau & Lenglet review dinosaur teeth from the Cenomanian of

Ryan, Holmes & Russell revise _Styracosaurus_: _S. albertensis_ and _S.
ovatus_ are both valid.

Brusatte, Benson, Carr, Williamson & Sereno review wrinkles on theropod

And plenty more, especially Balanoff & Rowe's Memoir on the embryonic skull
of _Aepyornis_ with accompanying CD (good beat, easy to dance to... ;-)

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