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Re: Largest theropod skull

You forgot Mupasaurus.

VladimÃr Socha wrote:
Good day,
I was wondering what would a table of "the largest theropod skulls" look like. 
Many values are missing, so I only managed to make a short table:

1. Spinosaurus 175 cm (up to 220 - 250? cm)

2. Giganotosaurus 180 â 195 cm

3. Carcharodontosaurus 160 â 170 cm

5. Yet unnamed torvosaurid 158 cm

6. Tyrannosaurus 150 cm ("Sue" 141 cm)


Tarbosaurus 135 cm

Acrocanthosaurus 115 cm (130 cm?)

Daspletosaurus 105 cm (120 cm?)

Allosaurus 100 cm (some specimen even larger)

Are there any data for other 1 m+ skull theropod genera? "Saurophaganax", "Monster von 
Minden", "Epanterias" and other elusive ones? Do you have any other values for mentioned 
genera? Thanks in advance, Vlad