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Re: Dinosaur themes in science fiction

Contingency is a common theme in science fiction, such as Wells' "Time Machine", but is also found in dinosaur science fiction. Bradbury's short story, "The Sound of Thunder", is based on the theme of contingency and is often mentioned as an example of the "butterfly effect". Doyle's "The Lost World" and Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" are two other examples that involve dinosaurs and that use this theme.


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I'm looking into themes that have shown up in dinosaur science fiction, like the genetic recovery idea from "Our Lady of the Sauropods" and "Jurassic Park," or the "dinosaurs survived in a remote places" theme that's shown up over and over again as in "Lost World," "The Valley of Gwangi," "Baby," "Dinosaur Summer". What are some of the most impressive ideas in fiction regarding dinosaurs?