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Re: Dinosaur themes in science fiction


Two of the best (IMO) ideas of dinosaurs in fiction are two series of
books. The Far-Seer series by Robert J. Sawyer (Far-Seer, Fossil Hunter,
and Foreighner) deal with the idea of dinosaurs ruling their own world,
developing intelligence, etc and then discovering fossils, evolution, and
the reality that they exist b/c of the assistance of aliens that
transported them from Earth to this planet. It is a very well written

The other series is the Dragons series by Gary Gentile (A Time for
Dragons, Dragons Past, and No Future For Dragons). These books look at
many sci-fi themes including time-travel and the idea that another,
intelligent race (the dragons of the titles) lived concurrently w/ the
dinosaurs and are now trying to come through time to take over our
present. Here the dinosaurs are the backdrop, and they start making
appearances in the present as the dragons bring them along as their main
food source.

I don't know if these represent great themes like some of the others were
suggesting, but I know that these two series are fairly unique in how they
portray dinosaurs. In the Sawyer's books he uses Nanotyrannosaurus as the
intelligent race of the series and has given them a very unique culture,
always trying to struggle to overcome their 'savage' past. Sawyer's series
would probably fall under the 'survive in remote places' category, though
with the qualifier of being delivered to this remote place (another
planet) by aliens. Not sure exactly how I would classify the theme in
Gentile's books as the dinosaurs there are the background dressing to
create the scene and are not the main characters or the reason for the
other characters to be doing what they are doing in the books.

Geoff Habiger
Artemesia Publishing
Author of Dinosaur Learning Activity Book

> Hi,
> I'm looking into themes that have shown up in dinosaur science fiction,
> like the genetic recovery idea from "Our Lady of the Sauropods" and
> "Jurassic Park," or the "dinosaurs survived in a remote places" theme
> that's shown up over and over again as in "Lost World," "The Valley of
> Gwangi," "Baby," "Dinosaur Summer". What are some of the most impressive
> ideas in fiction regarding dinosaurs?
>   Thanks,
>   Joe