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Re: Dinosaur themes in science fiction

I'm looking into themes that have shown up in dinosaur science fiction, 
like the genetic recovery idea from "Our Lady of the Sauropods" and 
"Jurassic Park," 

One of the best stories along these lines--and maybe the funniest--was one of 
the first.  The title was something like:  Paleontology--an experimental 
science.  I think it may have appeared in _Analog_.  The story was done as a 
series of Geological Society of America abstracts.  Each abstract had a smaller 
number of co-authors, because due to lab mishaps the dinosaur--a tyrannosaur as 
I recall--kept killing the scientists.

I always thought that the author of this story would have had a legitimate beef 
against Crichton, because this story appeared several years before Jurassic 
Park was published.