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Re: Dinosaur themes in science fiction

I remember a couple of books about DINOSAUR PLANET where the dinosaurs had been taken to some other planet by mysterious aliens and were still a going concern. Ah, thanks to google, Anne McCaffrey, Dinosaur Planet and the sequel Dinosaur Planet Survivors.

Robert J Sawyer wrote a delightful series of books about some intelligent Nanotyranosaurs who lived on a moon of a gas giant, and eventually learned how to build space elevators and reach an asteroid left by aliens with clues how to find other inhabited planets. The moon they were on was unstable due to the graviity of the gas giant and had a lot of earthquakes. Somebody figured out that the motion of the planets meant they were on the moon of a planet and that God was just the gas giant they were on. Once they overcame that religious obstacle, they launched a technological revolution. The whole species were psychological basket cases because when each clutch of eight eggs were born, a priest would kill seven of the hatchlings (population control) meaning everybody's eariest memory was watching a huge monster (an adult of their own species) murdering their brothers and sisters. None of them could actually stand to touch each other because of this.

And of course, there were the Gorns of Star Trek, paralel evolution, descended from nanotyrannus or maybe Troodon.