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Re: Dinosaur themes in science fiction

Stephen V. Cole wrote:
And of course, there were the Gorns of Star Trek, paralel evolution, descended from nanotyrannus or maybe Troodon.

Don't forget Star Trek: Voyager's "Distant Origin," in which a group of hadrosaurs had somehow traveled across the galaxy after the K/T extinction and set up an empire out in the Delta Quadrant eventually. (Yes, I know the situation is completely insane, but Voyager wasn't exactly known for being the best of Star Trek). Why they couldn't have consulted Dale Russell and used his "dinosauroid" model is beyond me.

Anyhow, the Voth, as they called themselves, had a religious doctrine that stated that the species had originally evolved in their current location, and any ideas that contradicted this would be considered heresy, punishable by imprisonment.