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Re: A really, really, really, really stupid idea. Really.

The drag induced deacceleration when an extraterrestrial object hits the
lower atmosphere produces such high G's that city block sized asteroids break up
and explode as per the Siberian event about a century ago.

This is exactly what's supposed to have happened.

When a giant meteorite explodes either in the atmosphere or on the ground,
the sand sized debris is creates immediately slows down to well under a hundred
miles per hour once it hits the lower atmosphere. Any animals or bones so
close to the explosion that sand sized objects bury deep inside them or do injury
will be wiped out by the blast and heat in the first place. Assuming anything
is left the scorch and shock damage will be obvious. The 13K extinction
scenario has the oblect detonating over the N American ice sheet far from any large
mammals. For animals and bones not in the lethal blast and burn zone any
micro debris that hits them will be in the form of a gentle rain of sand from
above as the debris cloud renters the atmosphere and filters down to the ground.
Might irritate the eyes a little but that's about it.

Do you happen to have any numbers on this? Why do you think the heat must travel at least as far as the solid ejecta?

I cannot believe that grown up scientists would propose that micro blast
debris was gouging bones and skin.

They don't propose, they observe that one of the bisons has bone growth over the pieces of extraterrestrial metal. It survived the impact.

(Which, in turn, is consistent with your insistence that the debris was not very fast.)