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Re: TNT: now free phylogenetic software

No David, is not the same thing. In this method the homoplasic characters are less important than apomorphic ones. Here the cost of character state transformations is based on their congruence, and is not a posteriori weighting, because transformation costs are dynamically determined during reconstructions. So, another important thing is that this is not iterative, thats means that the problem of different final results due to different starting points, is avoided. PAUP did not implement this kind of search yet.

About this method is it possible to start reading: Goloboff, 1997. Self-Weighted Optimization: Tree Searches and Character State Reconstructions under Implied Transformation Costs. Cladistics 13 (3), 225?245.

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Quoting David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:

And there are another interesting features to try which are not available in PAUP for example "implied weighting".

Is this the same as reweighting = a-posteriori weighting, which is implemented in PAUP*?