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Dick Peirce passed away

Forwarded from the Vrtpaleo list.  Dick  Peirce was a long-time DML 
member--he will be missed.  

In  a message dated 12/19/2007 3:03:27 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
jfoster@westcomuseum.org writes:

Dick Peirce passed away Dec. 17  in Grand Junction, CO, due to complications
from a previous surgery. Dick  taught biology at Pasadena Community College
for more than 30 years. He was  an enthusiastic member of SVP, a seven-year
volunteer at the Museum of  Western Colorado, and specialized in picking,
sorting, and preparing  microvertebrate fossils. Over the years, Dick was
very active in collecting  at the Fruita Paleo Area, Como Bluff, and the
Black Hills, where he would  spend many hours breaking rock in search of
mammals, lizards, sphenodontids,  and other less glamorous members of the
Morrison fauna. A memorial service  will be held sometime in the spring of
2008. Letters and thoughts to be  passed on to his wife Nancy may be sent to
the Museum of Western Colorado,  550 Jurassic Court, Fruita, Colorado  81521.


John  Foster
Museum of Western Colorado 

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