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Re: It's A Wonderful New Papers

Comparative studies suggest that
Dongbeititan is a basal titanosauriform, more derived than Euhelopus,
Fusuisaurus, and Huanghetitan, but less derived than Gobititan and
Jiutaisaurus. Dongbeititan represents the first sauropod dinosaur reported
from the Lower Cretaceous Jehol Group of western Liaoning Province.

Sauropods are being discovered, and even described and published, faster than I can keep up. I can't remember having read of *Fusuisaurus* or *Jiutaisaurus* ever before. <weep> <sob> <wail>

Based on the morphological
data and on the physical and chemical analyses of coprolites, it is
interpreted that it had omnivorous feeding habits. The shape and abrasion
pattern of the incisiform teeth suggest that Mariliasuchus employed the
prominent anterior incisiform teeth for an active digging behavior.

Take-home lesson: if there's no mammal around that can play the role of a pig, don't worry, some crocodile or other will do it. :-o

As expected, monotremes exhibit the lowest body temperatures, but within
marsupials diprotodonts have a mean body temperature higher than several
placental groups; the traditional ranking of body temperatures in the
sequence monotremes - marsupials - placentals is thus misleading.